Why I Tweet

I tweet to myself.

These tweets are my own words for ideas that are not my own.

I have created these tweets as reminders to myself to keep me on my path and remind me how far I have come. I share them with you in case they are the right words you need to hear at this moment in time. I am humbled by how many retweets and favorites I get everyday. I am so glad that they resonate with others as they resonated with me when I wrote them.

I use an automated tool to continuously loop these tweets. Obviously I started with one, and have added to them over the years. I periodically create new tweets that I add to this tool, though I do tweet occasionally a thought or self-inspiration that is appropriate only for that day.

It is with my love for humanity that I truly wish you peace, prosperity and happiness.




  1. February 10

    Hi Dan that is the best reason I have ever read for tweeting. Thanks for sharing and as you know it always seems that we hear just what we need to hear at just the right momet i I find that many things are not consistent but spirit always is! Lorna Adams

  2. March 12

    Out of all my followers, I have 4 to 5 people that I can resonate with. Words are powerful. I love words.. I can finally talk about the Universe and It might be odd to some, but here I can express my gratitudes. I see the goodness of the Universe in big and small everyday things. Thank you for ‘your tweets’ they speak volume. . For me it raises my energy level. I believe in attracting likeminded people and this is happening here on Twitterworld… Fantastic!
    Please allow me to take this opportunity just to say ‘thank you’ Dan..

  3. Susan Lees
    March 26

    Thank you Dan,
    your kind words and tweets do resonate with those of us listening, watching and feeling the universe and the peace that we hold within us. Sometimes we simply need reminding when we have the turmoil of daily life, bless you for tweeting and sharing.
    With gratitude
    Susan Lees
    Sioux1366 Twitter name

  4. Diana Barrera
    March 31

    Thank you for sharing this…great way to inspire self and others. You certainly do inspire me on a daily basis! I appreciate you sharing your words, thoughts, ideas. You make my little corner of the world brighter with your tweets!

    Peace be with you!

  5. Patricia
    April 17

    As a human trafficking survivor, daily inspiration is A Must. I’m in a human trafficking and sexual assult program and have advocates, social workers and such to help guide me through the “real world” I doubt myself quite often. Thank you for the inspiring and encouraging also different way of walking though life. Be blessed

  6. Anonymous
    June 9

    Super duper I love them. They inspire me daily.

  7. Laurie
    June 14

    Thanks! I rarely tweet my own thoughts unless I feel genuine about it. Most of the time I either “like” or retweet because i have read something that resonates with me or because i seek reinforcements as flowers on my journey path. It’s like a marker on a beautiful and challenging hike. Again, thank you for noting why you tweet.

  8. Daniela
    August 13

    Thank you for your inspiring tweets.

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