Hidden Axioms of the Law of Attraction

axiom (n): a universally accepted principle or rule

We say things everyday, intentionally or unintentionally that are axioms, or truths that invoke the Law of Attraction (LoA). Nowadays, I listen for these very carefully. They are often hidden in conversations and unless you are looking for them you will miss them. Some of these axioms are empowering, while others can be discouraging.  I would like to share them with you as I hear them, or find myself saying them.

#1: The better it gets, the better it gets
If you have read Jerry and Esther Hicks‘ books, you know that Abraham uses this axiom to help define the Law of Attraction. “like attracts like”, if you are “on a roll” then you can more easily attract similar experiences because your belief is so much stronger.

#2: Fake it till you make it. This quote I heard early in my professional career, and realized that this was the way many people got what they wanted in the corporate world. Playing a role beyond your comfort zone, or without 100% confidence will have you “being” what you are wanting, and the universe will make it happen more quickly. The world only perceives what you do, not what you fear, unless you show it to them.

#3: If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. You have the power to decide if this is empowering or discouraging. You create your reality. If you expect success, you will have it, if you expect the opposite, you will receive that as well.

#4: You reap what you sow
This is an old-school idiom which can be either positive or negative. This means everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions. If you believe this then the LoA you will make it come true.

#5: When it rains it pours. Similar to #2, your actual experiences are the strongest influences of your beliefs. If things are going well, then it is easy to believe more thing can go well, if things are going poorly, the opposite holds holds true.

#6: Watch out what you wish for. This is actually one of the more complex aspects of the Law of Attraction. The LoA requires clarity and specificity when you are focusing on what you desire. This was the last piece that fell into place for me. Even though I had become skilled at the LoA, I attracted experiences that were what I was wanting without being clear on all the details. The story of the Genie and the 3 wishes is a parable of this axiom.

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