How it all started…

My circuitous route to the Law of Attraction begins almost 30 years ago. Here is my (short) story…

In 1984, while attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, I stumbled upon an interesting class, The Biology of Cancer with Professor Alby Reiner. The curriculum was not what you would expect from the title. It was a class about the connection between mind and body and included guest speakers from every non-traditional approach to healing that you could imagine.

In this class, I heard Carolyn Myss for the first time. She was young and raw, unlike the polished Oprah guest she became. She blew my mind. At the time she was a practicing medical intuitive, and explained how she could “see” illnesses and their emotional causes. Since then she has published a number of books and tapes and is well known.

For a young, disillusioned Catholic, this was the catalyst to begin my spiritual journey. Over the last 30 years I continually have sought knowledge on spirituality and religion. From reading the Koran while in the Peace Corps in Africa to getting my palm read in Harvard Square, I added each experience to my overall belief system

It wasn’t until I came across the Abraham-Hicks books that it all came together. More to come….


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