The Books that Inspired Me

These books are by no means all inclusive of what I have read, or what you should read on your path. These are the ones that came to me at the right place and right time for me to truly understand their message. We are all on a journey, and there are times when we need to read the signs to determine which road to take. For me, these books were the billboards on the side of the road.

Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive. She was my first spiritual teacher. She spoke at my college a number of times when she was young and raw and not yet an Oprah favorite. She changed my life. This was her first book which she was writing at that time.

I found this at used book sales at  a church in Harvard Square when I was just getting out of college. It gave me simple, invaluable insights into the concept of visualization without any religious overtones.
One of the first books I read that presented the content written through a medium from the spirit world (Julian). It prepared me for the Abraham books which I later devoured. I big takeaway from this book was the 7 year cycle of aggression (change) that we all go through.

Edgar Cayce was a medium who when under a trance would recite healing advice using medical techniques from all over the world. He did not have any medical experience and didn’t remember the conversations when he awoke.  These books are so mind blowing that they just reinforced my belief that there was so much we don’t understand.

The Four Agreements are probably the most concise and simple techniques for living in the present. If the world could follow them, it would be such a better place.

I am not a huge fan of The Secret – too materialistic and it loses the real point of the power of the law of attraction, e.g. everybody can create happiness. But, the bibliography in this book turned me on to a number of incredible authors including the Abraham-Hicks books.

This book reinforced the concept that life IS the journey, not the destination.

The teachings of Abraham books and tapes are not for everyone since they are written through a medium (Esther Hicks) from an “angel” (Abraham). When I found these, I was in the perfect place spiritually to truly listen. Every word in these books resonated with me and brought all of my experiences and reading together. They brought me to the next level in empowering myself to take complete control of my life.


I have two paths that I am on, both my personal path and my professional one. Four years ago I merged those paths. My deliberate creation from that decision was The SEO Manifesto which I co-authored. As part of writing that book, I created the following manifesto:

“It is my intent that through my actions and by my willingness to learn, I will create a successful online business.
I will ethically attract customers to my website, where I will offer products, services or information that have value.
By virtue of this intention, I will gain the freedom to work from home or anywhere in the world.”

I wrote that manifesto four years ago and am now living the life I have intended. My life has been an incredible journey with both amazing joys and difficult life lessons. I would not change my journey at all. Thank you for joining me.

Note: All of these books are linked to my Amazon seller’s account and I will receive from 4-7% of any purchase you make there. I do not receive any money if you click on them, so please feel free to browse. I make my living as an author and trainer and am able to live the life I choose by sharing my experience online.


  1. January 20

    I know just a couple of these, but I’m definitely going to check out the others. Thank you for recommending them. 🙂

  2. Thoughtsnlifeblog
    May 3

    Thank you for this
    I am probably reading this many months later. I am inspired by your manifesto thank you for sharing this and you x number of tweets. I recently read the Alchemist great book. I am in and out of the four agreements all purchased before i met you online to say. Thank you for following as this has lead me to finding your treasure trove ….Thank for sharing and inspiring

  3. Ingrid K Fortmeyer
    November 30

    There’s a few books i would reccommend adding to the list… ‘Living Deliberately’ and ‘The Thoughtstorm Manual: An Evolution in Human Thinking’ both by Harry Palmer. But more than reading, i recommend experiencing the Avatar® consciousness exercises yourself

  4. August 22

    wonderful list! It looks like we have some overlap in our favorite books. I just added a few of yours to my reading list including your SEO manifesto, Very inspired that you were able to manifest the life of your dreams! Please feel free to check out my favorites as well, perhaps you will find a new suggestion also:

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